Grandma Brooks and Harry and Sally hit the market!!

Welcome to our website, My name is John Brooks and I am the author and development engineer for our current children’s book series, Grandma Brooks meets Harry and Sally. These tales began years ago when my parents, Grandma and Pa Brooks lived in sunny Florida.  Each year we would travel from New York to Florida to visit Grandma and Pa… our three children becoming mesmerized each visit by the little lizard population. Nicholas, Justin and Julia would listen closely as Grandma Brooks told them about her new friends, the two talking gecko lizards, Harry and Sally.  Sally was mischievous, always getting in trouble with her curious nature.  Harry was reserved, always watching out for Sally and making sure she stayed out of harms way.  Sally had big blue eyes with long eyelashes and was the prettiest little lizard you ever did see.  Harry was extremely intelligent, always ready for adventure and keeping his watchful eye on Sally.  Grandma told the children that she was the only person that could hear the lizards talk.  Hours and hours were spent each visit, looking for Harry and Sally and listening to Grandma’s tales about the two talking, pink gecko lizards.  Being an aspiring author my whole life, I knew that someday I would have to bring these stories to all children both near and far.  I decided that when I did it, each story would have a concept of proper manners, kindness and treating others around you with respect.  Basic conservative values that I would want my own children to grow with.  Fast forward 20 years, and here we are, ready to share with all children around the globe!!  Our first book in the series, “Grandma Brooks meets Harry and Sally, Sharing is Caring”, starts all of us on the journey as Grandma Brooks actually meets the two lizards for the first time, and eventually teaches them to share.  The second book has already been written, “ Grandma Brooks with Harry and Sally in ‘Please and Thank You’ “.  Soon to be released in 2024!!  Special thanks through this project to our wonderful illustrator, Marys Dudelewicz who has taken this project to a whole different level.  Her illustrations are magnificent, capturing the true feel of the characters with intent detail to all with a wonderful array of watercolors and artistic layout.  Boy oh boy did she nail Grandma Brooks too, her illustration looking just like the real Grandma!!  Thank you to Marys!!  
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